tutorial #6

15/6/2017 last tutorial with Jonathan before the show

We basically discussed about my final show installation, as I won’t be able to be there during the days of the set up. After almost completing my video piece, I thought it would be nice if it is projected on the long wall of the space reserved for me.

We discussed matters of equipment and video resolution, as well as matters of space arrangment (where the projector is going to be, are viewers going to pass through the projection).

After this, we ended up in this arrangement:

  • having the large video projection on the long wall on a loop (demo https://vimeo.com/221168758)
  • possibly one screen on the side – with an alternative of being vertically placed – showing a still digital image or a smaller animated video on a loop (possibly the torso bit https://vimeo.com/210749587)


After sending the demo video to Jonathan, he did some tests with the projector in the studio, so that we can have a better idea of the result. The result was really good, projection quality in a large scale works well and you could still see the details.



To be able to control better the placement in the actual space, we discussed that it would be better to produce 2 versions of each video. For the large projection, one version with approx 1920x800px and another one placed inside a black frame of 1080px high.

For the possible screen leaning against the wall on the side, I will again make 2 video and 2 still image versions, one horizontal and one vertical respectively. After we check this on site, we will decide exactly which versions work better.

Next steps: remain to be seen on site

ps. million thanks to Jonathan, Celine and Russel for their effort to organize everything!!


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