more photoscan

As I continue working with Photoscan software, I find that there are a lot of parameters to control to built a 3D scanned mesh. The program gives a lot more editing tools, that can produce a better result.

The quality of the panoramic photos is of course an important factor to a succesfull scan. From the experience that I have gained through my work with 3D scanning, the more photos you take the better. It is also important to have proper lighting, without heavy shadows and contrast on the object you want to scan.

Photoscan provides a lot of tools in relation to the photo editing and arrangement. You can control and build a sort of diagram of the photos you are using, work with common key points, or build different meshes and the combine them into one. This has proven to be really hepful, as it gives you the opportunity to correct mistakes from the photos you’ve taken. Results still have a distorted/glitchy aesthetics, which I kind of like and wouldn’t like to make it disappear!


Working on several body scans, this is one of the results in .obj mode, with an indicative tile texture applied.



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