Post-Wrap / ADAF 2017

Really happy to present one of my artwork at the Athens Digital Arts Festival 2017 under the theme #POSTFUTURE.

*/ 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival

Duration: 18 – 21 of May 2017
Main Venue: 23, Mitropoleos str, Historic Center of Athens




The body, the flesh is what simultaneously unites us and separates us from our surroundings. It constitutes a perceptive mechanism for contemporary reality, on which events and memories are in some way engraved. According to phenomenology, the body and the world do not only share material physicality, they define one another’s character. This corporeal perception, memory and imagination refers to a sensory vividness that distinguishes our existence in the world.

Like a new type of photograph, the physical flesh in this case is digitized, it is captured through 3D scanning technique, so as to form a “presence”, a new hybrid of physical and virtual “body”. In this sense, the body becomes a sensitive wrap, a new substance, an element of our being in the world and our perception. The parallel drawn between the physical flesh and the 3D mesh virtual representation raises questions about our existential uniqueness and our relation to the world.




© Katerina Psimmenou 2017


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