walk #2: Academia Platonos

A few days ago I took a walk once again in the park of Academia Platonos in Athens, so as to take some photos and videos of the area and see how I am going to connect this with my project.

Playing once again with notions of perceiving reality and memory, I am drawing the line between private and collective/shared memory, and I thought of this place as a perfect example of this. I plan to use the material I took in my project (photos and videos edited as textures), and test if this is a possible site for a print installation.



Just a few words about its history…
Academia Platonos / Platonic Academy / Academia
(black&white photos fit better with the site)

Academia is one of the oldest areas in Athens with a great history. The area includes the park were Plato’s philosophical school was hosted, and it was near other ancient sanctuaries in Ippios Colonos hill.


Academia was founded around 387 B.C. by Plato and became the most famous philosophical school of ancient Athens. It was located at a grove in a suburb of ancient Athens, Colonos, that was later identified by his teaching. The school included teaching of all fields of philosophy, dialectics, mathematics, astronomy, natural sciences, political theory and music. Its function was characterized by a variety of different theoretical trends and philosophical directions, in a sense of free and unprejudiced research. After almost 10 centuries of function, the school closed by the Byzantine emperor Ioustinianos.



In the 20th century Academia became a folk area and was gradually neglected. The park was abandoned and the archeological remains were left at their fate. Nowadays, local people and communities are making some action to improve its condition and organize various type of events, however the park still remains neglected and quite unknown.





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