tutorial #5

30/3/17 tutorial with Jonathan Kearney

discussion mostly about my thoughts on the final show and my ideas for the artwork

As I’ve been working with 3D digital images printed on paper, I had some ideas about what the final piece is going to be. Basically, I conclude in two ideas in relation to the physical form of the artwork:

  • digital print of 3D mesh imagery / maybe printed on a translucent material

As before, creating a large artwork of 3D body meshes. I thought of maybe placing the artwork outdoors in a certain place in Athens, the Platonic Academy park, and document it. I had this idea of printing on a translucent material, so that the actual site can be part of the artwork and enhance the piece. The documentation of the piece can also be done by playing with scale.

Jonathan gave me some ideas about materials that I can use to do this, that are flexible and can be wrapped, so that I can then sent it to London for the show. I plan to do some research of materials and experiment on the result they give.

  • large scale short video / animated painting projected indoors

In a way of evolving my 3D still imagery, I thought of giving life to the images by applying video textures on the meshes. The final piece could be an animated painting that would change slightly and slowly its appearance (I guess playing on a loop), projected ideally in a dark space and on a big surface.

Jonathan suggested also projecting outdoors, although this raises other question concerning the place, the equipment and the cost, so I am not sure how easy it is going to be for the time being. As for the process of making the animation, it takes a long time to render, but it is quite feasible. Plan to experiment on that too.

So I am going to use this time mostly experimenting on the physical form my artwork could take, so that I can decide which one is the best way to go in the end.


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