video texture demo

Continuing on the experimentation with the 3D scannned meshes, I’ve been thinking about the form of my final project. As an evolved version of the things I’ve been working on, I had some ideas about creating a big 3D mesh imagery, like the one in my print installation in metaxourgeio.

I have some things in mind about the physical form of the project, that might end up being completely different and require different curating conditions. The idea is quite similar to the things I’ve been doing so far, a large print installation of body meshes referring to Platonic Academy park in Athens, Greece.

Thinking of ways to present this in London, I had this idea of applying a video texture on the mesh instead of a still digital image like the ones I did before. I imagined the piece to be a sort of large animated painting projected on a wall in a dark space. The imagery projected on the body meshes can be a combination of footage from the Academy park and other animated virtual textures.

As I haven’t tried this before, I wanted to see if this is possible, so I made a short animated texture video (using old footage I had captured form the park) from a previous 3D mesh I did. It turns out not to be as simple as it sounds, because in a 3D program like maya, in order to render an animation you have to render a still sequence, and the import it on a video edit program, in this case After Effects, and then export the final video. As you can imagine, it take quite a long time to render the sequence frames. A bit complicated but feasible…

Here is a short animated texture demo – video texture _ demo


I want to experiment a bit with this form, and see the results. Not exactly sure if this will be the way to go at this moment, but I hope this will clear things up a little bit.


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