3D work: further experimentation

Further work on the mixed body volumes by adding some new body scans I made. This time the scans was even more distorted than other times, but it kind of added a nice “melting” feeling to the artwork.

I have been experimenting again with light and colours, on another photo texture, this time from the ground of Kolonos hill in Athens. This picture was taken there a couple of years ago.

I find interesting the parallel drawn between the human skin/flesh and the ground image as the “skin” of the place.

“…In a geological event of a mountain reformation, memory of unknown events is being concentrated, events that occur in the dark interior of the earth underneath our feet. Respectively, in an “urban” event of a material reformation of an urban phenomenon, memory is once again being concentrated, memory of both known and unknown events that take place in the space of the city itself…”

Zissis Kotionis “Tell, where is Athens” / Πες, που είναι η Αθήνα








© Katerina Psimmenou 2017


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