collaborative work at South Kiosk gallery

20-21/2 collaborative making project and pop-up exhibition at South Kiosk gallery in Peckham, London

In those 2 days we were asked to work on a project as a response to Sebastian Kite’s installation work that was exhibited in the gallery space. The piece invited you to enter a new closed space with a projection surface, and to experience the immersive installation. The piece was entitled “We will meet in the place were there is no darkness”, inspired by George Orwell’s novel 1984.



As a response to the piece, we decided to focus on the experience of the place and to work on a sort of audience participation piece. By originally focusing on the sound and the idea of being enclosed in a space where you hear something happening outside but you do not know where and what it is exactly, we wanted to recreate in a way the dystopic atmosphere of 1984’s torture room 101.

The outcome of these thoughts was quite impressive. We decided to ask everyone to were a blindfold and be safely guided inside the space, to experience 9 min inside (kind of inspired by the 9 brains of an octopus). The audience had the choice to leave whenever they want by raising their hands, however nobody chose to leave before the 9 min were over.


We were really pleased with the result, as it was the first time for us to be involved in a sort of performative / audience participation piece. I think it was quite succesfull and raised a lot of questions, especially concerning its existential nature.












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