3D work: projecting Platonic Academy

Further 3d work using the same 3d scanning technique to capture human body volumes and edit them in maya. Working on the same concepts of body, skin, interconnection, perception, memory, body fragments are edited to form new unique shapes and volumes.





Apart from this context, I did some further reflection concerning the notion of public space, and the integration of an artwork in a certain site. After my last print installation in Metaxourgeio, I faced the advantages and disadvantages of realizing this idea in public. The big scale was really impressive and the artwork looked really nice, however in the end it was quite difficult to find the right site and the right time for the installation.



So by using the same concepts as tools, this time I thought of experimenting by projecting the site on the body volume. By using as a texture an image of Platonic Academy park in Athens, which I have taken a couple of years ago, the 3d volume takes an interesting form, in a way reminding a contemporary statue.

Platonic Academy park is another site that I have in mind, maybe for a bigger installation. I continue experimenting with the texture, the lights and the colours and check the results.






© Katerina Psimmenou



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