tutorial #4

10/11/16 tutorial with Jonathan Kearney

A very interesting and constructive discussion about Unit 1 feedback, my work so far and my plans for the rest of the course

Main points occurred:

  • The nature of the work so far

Developing my 3d work with the body scans, working on this “fleshy” aesthetics

  • the idea of public space: placing the artwork outdoors to emphasize the parallel between corporeal and collective perception and memory
  • the form of the artworks: the pieces are connected conceptually to the sites although they can also stand alone

thoughts about prints/ images inside the urban tissue in sites of interest that will enhance the visual result of the piece

a sense of memory embodied in the artifact: is the artwork the remaining image, video etc. of the action?

  • 3d body scans: continuing with capturing the “flesh”

More experimentation: Jonathan suggested scanning the actual space or building and maybe combine them with the body scans, as they also seem to have a fragmented memory feel

A “virtual” combination of the sites and the bodies?  – apart from the actual action of placing the piece outdoors

Or maybe a scan of the site can be seen as the “body of the place”, a “virtual flesh”?

We’ll see…

  • History of the site: do I want to include information about the collective memory in the imagery?

These are ideas and stories connected to the sites, as in my imagery I try to keep a more abstract feel and focus on the matter of perception of reality, that was always a philosophical issue since ancient times. I don’t want my images to become just a representation of the site’s history.

This way, the site adds another layer to the work but it is not explicit, it is there if someone wants to find out more but not essential to understand immediately, it has a sense of “feeling”, which goes back once again to the “feeling type” of perception.

  • Connection and contrast at the same time between 2 approaches of the subject: a more conceptual, dealing with corporeal and collective perception, and a more feeling approach, contained in the “liquid fleshy” nature of the imagery

… “liquid fleshy memories”


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