Gonzalo Borondo, Borondo as he is better known, a Spanish street artist known for his giant murals depicting mostly human bodies and addressing different issues. He has placed his work in different cities, such as London, Paris, Madrid, Athens and many more. I was introduced to his work with his “Piedad” piece, a mural depicting two figures in a position that reminds us of the famous sculpture “Pietà” (meaning pity, compassion) by Michelangelo.

Piedad, Rome 2013

As a street artist he is successfully making use of the urban tissue as his canvas. The abundance of physical space within a cityscape has inspired him to involve it in the reality of his paintings, by choosing to draw certain narratives each time related in some way with the place chosen.

Shame, Athens 2013


“I focus on the public space, I feel the environment, I am always looking at reality. It is there, outside, not here on the canvas or in the gallery, it is outside”.

Triade, London 2014

Apart from the impressive size of his artworks, is “raw” expressive artistic style makes his pieces quite identifiable. He chooses the human figure as his main form of expression, using bodily positions to signify the message.

“Bodies are covered up in naked disgrace (‘Shame’, Athens 2013), limbs are entangled in uncertainty (‘Triade’, London 2014), eyes are blindfolded or made to look the other way (‘Ophelia’, London, ‘The Three Generations’, Paris 2014), an upside down portrait of a young man that takes form as the water settles (‘Narcissus’, London 2014).”

Narcissus, London 2014

His work is quite inspiring for me because of the way he is combining space, narrative and mythology some of the times. I think he has succeeded to address contemporary issues through his “raw” style, through myths and stories adapted to today’s reality and finally through the placement in public spaces.


Ophelia, London 2014



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