3d stuff: further work…

After having collected some material from the scans, I’ve been working on maya 3d software to experiment on what can I produce by it. I find the idea of scanning bodies or body parts of different people and combine them into one single mix interesting, as it draws parallels to the phenomenological concept of the flesh and its “playful” existential role. The distortion of the volumes and the complexity it produces kind of emphasizes the strange role of the flesh/skin, which in that case is represented in a virtual 3d form, and messes with the limits between the selves and the world.

Scans of people, digital fleshes, interconnecting into one single abstact entity. If flesh carries perception and memory, two different selves suddently become one. They live into one single reality. Can perception be shared?

I have been working on making the scans a bit better and smoother, and also adding some pale colour to see what the result looks like. The imagery produced has an ambiguous quality, and as the camera zooms in, it gains more and more power by its abstraction. Next thing: probably experimenting on textures.







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