tutorial #2

22/1/16 discussion with Jonathan Kearney

focusing on the main points of my work in progress

  •  existential theories / phenomenology / solipsism: introducing the concept of flesh/body

Merleau-Ponty’s theory talks about the flesh as an element of being, inseparable of the self/mind and the world. The flesh/body as an element of being perceives the events and memories of the person. Perception is then highly connected with the flesh/body, because the body holds the memories. No clear discrimination between mind and body/flesh.

  •  corporeal memory / the flesh as a “memory basket”

To understand the way a person perceives something eventually you have to become him in the flesh (corporeal perception and solipsism).

  •  imagery inspired by these theories/thoughts: experimenting with different possibilities

2d imagery: photoshop sketches
3d imagery: experimenting with different programs and check the results
combination of 2d & 3d imagery: insert 3d elements in a 2d scene
exploring all cases as different possibilities, each one with its own sensitivity, aiming to insert movement to them.

  •  public space: concept of public memory / memory of the place

connection between the corporeal memory and the memory of the place / different kinds of perception, that both “meet” in the flesh/body

  •  experimenting in public: seeing the reactions of people towards the artwork

learning more about the artwork by observing the reactions, which could introduce new directions to the project (after focusing on the imagery production)



Shift by Jenny Shaville


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