Matthew Stone / compositions

Matthew Stone is another artist whose work largely concerns the human body. He is a British artist who has dealt with a variety of art forms and ways of expression, such as painting, photography, sculpture, performance and writing.



The way he treats the human body and the compositions he creates with it produce very interesting results. In his work, the influence of the history of painting is always present, in a way that searches to comprehend broader abstract ideologies that relate to the human body. He examines perceptions of interconnection, collaboration and hierarchy through the canon of art as propaganda, seeking to promote notions of social unity and optimism.


His photography work is noteworthy. He is another artist that uses the human body as a tool, a smaller unite that creates a larger composition, that is smooth and sensitive. Despite the fact that the photography work is by its nature motionless, he seems to capture the movement of the bodies and passes it to the spectator.






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